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Way down yonder in New Orleans - three new albums for 2020

Studio panorama edit

Jeff and David have always enjoyed working in the culturally rich and creatively vibrant city of New Orleans. Maybe it's the fusion of cultures that lends itself to their way of working. or maybe it's the fantastic array of musical talent and experience that helps them create such an authentic sound. Early in 2019, the guys were back in New Orleans to soak up the spirit of Mardi Gras.

But it wasn't a vacation. they were there to work with some of the Crescent City's finest musicians and to record an enormous amount of new material. There'll be more news about the new albums soon - but you can check out some of their current material here, here, here, and, indeed, here.

Some of our latest compositions


Cocktail Hour

A variety of jazz moods, from relaxed, with cool sax, guitar and piano solos, to easy-going, swinging dinner jazz, and Latin-inspired guitar jazz.

Elgar & Dukas 600 x 400 B

Pastoral, Patriotic

Land of Hope and Glory, a passionate Cello Concerto and Dukas’s magical Sorcerer’s Apprentice make up this collection.


Live in New Orleans 600x600px

Live in New orleans


New Orleans jazz with everything from a Mardi Gras feel to traditional Prohibition-era and cool 1970s cop show funk with horns and funky rhythm section. Brass bands and banjo join energetic drums and percussion.

Jaws 12x6

Risers Return 1 and 2

Our two new riser albums

Risers are used as transitions from scene to scene or to create drama in an edit. On film when a shark is about to attack the best way to add the sense of the impending doom or the sound of the attack itself is through the use of risers and impacts.

Elgar, Holst and Dukas feature on new albums

Audio Network's quest to provide media professionals with usable high-quality versions of the world's greatest music with its Classical Collection shows no signs of slowing down.

If anything, the pace of recording and production is accelerating. Jeff and David, working with long-time collaborators Julian Gallant and Rob Kelly have been hard at work on two new albums: a showcase of famous works by Sir Edward Elgar and Paul Dukas and a new recording and arrangement of Gustav Holst's Planets Suite.

The first album features Elgar's best-loved pieces including Pomp and Circumstance, Land of Hope and Glory, his cello concerto and Nimrod from the Enigma Variations. These are teamed up with Dukas' most famous composition: the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Holst wrote the Planets between 1914 and 1916, although the first public performance didn't take place until late in 1920. Our album features all seven parts of the suite. The seven parts correspond with the number of known planets in the solar system at the time.

Both albums were recorded at Abbey Road Studios in North London, which were opened in 1931 by Elgar himself.  


With music from Jeff and David, Professor Bettany Hughes hosts a new six-part series on Channel 5 that looks at the myths and legends of the Greek Islands.

The show premieres in the UK on June 12.


Making lemonade with Mir Pro

When the Covid-19 crisis forced the cancellation of a major recording session at London's Abbey Road Studios, Jeff and David turned to VSL's Mir Pro software to create one of the tracks from the planned session - one musician at a time.



Two composers, two continents, one process

Jeff Meegan and David Tobin have been creating great music together since 2010. It was a chance introduction through a mutual friend at Berklee College of Music that brought together Chicago-based Jeff and his new partner David, roughly 3,500 miles away in the UK.

Separated by an ocean, but united through technology and a shared passion for composition and creativity, the team have worked on a huge range of music for advertising, TV, film, and radio. With a growing reputation for quality, speed and real-world commercial awareness, they are in high demand with an ever-growing client list.


Frame & Equal heights DTJM

Jeff and David have teamed up with world music and fusion composer Michael Tedstone to create an album of trailers and risers for use by media in the ever-expanding South-East Asian sports market.


The album is now available for commercial licensing from our good friends at Audio Network.


The region is home to around 650 million people and there is a growing appetite for all kinds of sport from Formula One racing, rugby union and the English Premier League to local sports.


Their work draws on a huge variety of influences including the music and instruments of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. The result is a series of tracks that can sit behind sports trailers, combining high energy with instruments familiar to the broadcast audience.

Listen to our playlist…