The pure magic of Tchaikovsky!! A collection of full orchestral arrangements from Swan Lake and The Nutcracker are reborn with mystical elegance and dramatic passion across these tracks. Energetic and full of life with graceful lifts and grand waltz moments.

Elegant Waters

Passionate, dramatic and graceful orchestral arrangement of Moderato from Swan Lake.     2:45

Russian Dance

Energetic orchestral arrangement of the Trepak dance from The Nutcracker Suite.     1:56

Waltz of the Flowers

Elegant arrangement of Waltz of the Flowers Op.71 Scene 14 from The Nutcracker.     3:10

Toy March

Magical, childlike orchestral ‘March of the Toy Soldiers’ from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite.     2:59


Lilting, grand waltz orchestral arrangement from Swan Lake.    2:53

Grand Ballet Overture
Lively, full orchestral re-arrangement of the opening to the Nutcracker Suite.    2:33


Pretty Swinging' Christmas music

Swinging festive Big Band Songs

Give Me That Cheer
High-energy, swinging big band Christmas song with happy male vocal & chanting kids’ chorus response.     1:55

Christmas List
Swinging Christmas song with big band, warm strings & crooned US male vocal.     2.32

Wonderful Time of The Year
Comfy, relaxed big band swing song with warm strings & classic female jazz vocal. Full of Christmas cheer.    2:41

Here Comes Santa Claus
Swinging rock ‘n’ roll big band Christmas song with male vocal.    2:30

Up on the Housetop
Classic American Christmas song.    2.05

Magical Time of the Year
Family oriented Christmas song with a fast-paced cool & glitzy big band.     3.06

Silent, Holy Night
Beautiful string arrangement of the classic Christmas carol with male vocal & kids choir.    3.04

When Dreams Come True
Snug, fireside Christmas jazz with warm strings & smooth US male vocal.     3.46

Almost Time for Christmas Day
Upbeat, joyful Christmas song with swinging big band, velvety strings and crooned male vocal.    2:26

It Must Be Christmas Time
Cosy, fireside Christmas cracker with big band, glitzy strings and schmaltzy male vocal.    2:27

Swingle Bells
Up-tempo Christmas classic. Cocktail swing jazz with crooning male vocal.    2.13

Auld Lang Syne
Vintage male crooner rendition of the New Year’s Eve standard with lush, nostalgic strings, woodwind & brass.    2:09

 At Christmas Time
Cute, vintage Christmas duet with glitzy big band and strings.   3:02

Best Time of The Year
Smooth, classic Christmas ballad with nostalgic female vocal, warm strings & vintage big band.     2:45


Vintage vocal swing singers enjoy a glass of champagne

The release of Vintage Vocal Swing, our new album available from Audio Network, gave us the opportunity to produce a stellar cast of musicians and record them at Abbey Road Studios.

We had written seven songs that were crafted to sound like they had come straight out of the 1930s and forties. Our plan was to compose the sort of music that seems to have been around for practically ever, but actually hasn’t.

The recordings have benefitted from the input of some fabulous musicians. The band line up was Colin Good (piano), Ant Law (guitars), Tom Farmer on bass, Mike Smith on drums, Mark Crooks (clarinet), Howard McGill on alto sax and flute, Phil Todd (tenor sax and flute), Malcolm Earle Smith (trombone) and Enrico Tomasso on trumpet. We’ve been lucky enough to work with most of these virtuosos in the past, so we knew we were in for a treat.

A six-year-old Enrico Tomasso with Satchmo in 1968.

These guys were instrumental, sorry – couldn’t resist that – critically important in achieving the kind of silky-smooth sound that we wanted. Enrico is one of the UK’s top trumpeters. His dad Ernie was a professional clarinettist and Enrico’s lineage goes all the way back to a childhood performance with Louis Armstrong, which makes him jazz royalty in our book. The rest of the band are luminaries in their own right and specialists in music of the pre-war period and the 1940s.

Vintage Vocal Swing
The boys did their work in the morning in the intimate surrounding of Abbey Road’s Studio 3, and the vocals were recorded in the evening of the same day. In for a penny, in for a pound, we decided to get fully in the mood (see what we did there?) by donning period outfits from the 1940’s. David made a dash as an RAF sergeant while Jeff was zoot-suited and booted in the height of forties fashion.

Vocals were in the expert hands of Joanna Forbes L’Estrange (former MD of five-times Grammy Award winners The Swingle Singers). Joanna, who also composed the tracks with us, was joined by Sara Brimer-Davey and Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson.

For three hours of recording they channelled (and modelled) an Andrews Sisters style that complemented the compositions beautifully.
Audio Network’s Sébastien Daniell was on hand to film the proceedings and put together the video above. Our thanks to Séb for capturing the event and producing the video – and to all the team who contributed to the recordings.

The track listings for Vintage Vocal Swing are:

  • Shoop Da Boogie – A grooving boogie-style swing with jazz piano, wailing clarinet lead, vocals and a scat-style chorus
  • All That We Dreamed Of – Twee tea-room jazz with sweet harmonies over a laid-back rhythm section.
  • Choo Choo – A fast boogie groove with close-harmony female vocals.
  • Tell Me That You Love Me – Up-tempo 1940s swing with close-harmony female vocals.
  • Stop The Search – A swinging piano and big band boogie woogie.
  • You Are – A lovely vintage romantic jazz ballad.
  • Hurry Santa – a cheerful Christmas song with a jazzy vintage feel.

Licensing information
For information on licensing the music, please visit Audio Network

Vintage vocal swing singers enjoy a glass of champagne

Close vocal harmony vintage songs

Grooving boogie-style swing with jazz piano, wailing clarinet lead & close harmony vocals with a scat-style chorus.

Twee tea-room jazz with sweet close harmonies over a laid-back rhythm section. Features a jaunty whistle solo.

Fast boogie groove with close harmony female vocals over bouncing jazz piano, brass stabs & swinging drums.

Bright, up-tempo swing with 1940s close harmony female vocal group, horns & jazz rhythm section.

Swinging piano & big band boogie woogie with 1940s American close harmony female/male vocals.

Vintage romantic jazz ballad with close harmony female vocal group & relaxed 1940s swing band.

Hurry Santa
Cheerful song about Santa with vintage American close harmony female vocal group & sprightly jazz band.


Emotive music by Meegan and Tobin

Poignant Orchestral and Piano Themes

Moving orchestral themes with emotive piano highlights and varying moods. Poignant orchestral passages carry piano melodies and rhythmic harp.


Melancholy piano with poignant orchestra over light ambient pads.   2:47


Emotive piano & orchestra with light percussive rhythms.     2:12


Heartwarming orchestra & piano theme builds from reflective opening.    3:02


Sombre piano with emotional orchestra & subtle harp rhythm.    3:02


Thoughtful piano & strings merge with romantic wistful orchestra.    2:46


Anxious piano motif with emotive orchestral phrases. Expressive & dramatic.    2:50