Risers Return 1 & 2

Our two new riser albums

Risers are used as transitions from scene to scene or to create drama in an edit. On film when a shark is about to attack the best way to add the sense of the impending doom or the sound of the attack itself is through the use of risers and impacts.

They can be used in any production but ours get used the most in reality television shows that the have many cuts to convey the story.  Shows like River Monsters, Mysteries at the Museum, and Life Below Zero.

Risers Return
Long risers with epic drums and drones, vocal FX and adrenaline-surging climaxes come together with atmospheric synths, big hits and distorted guitars.

Risers return 2
Fast risers, with monster FX join with metallic swooshes and massive impacts, while unsettling drones, guitar swells and growing drums build to massive impacts and a variety of decays and tails.


Licensing our music

All of the music on this page has been written by Jeff Meegan and David Tobin and is available for commercial use through Audio Network. To find out more about Audio Network’s licensing model, click here.