Risers composed for Asian sports media

A variety of risers, from tense and exciting to dark, dramatic hybrids featuring Asian percussion, traditional woodwind, melodic string instruments, erhu, flutes and drone.

Rise of Tradition
Rhythmic bed with electronic rise, string instruments, flutes, Sheng, distortion and vocal fx to drum and synth impact

Tense, exciting riser with dark synths, wailing erhu and insistent percussion

Rise of the Phoenix
Hybrid riser with Asian percussion & woodwind, sound design elements, big impact & eerie tail

To the Mountain Top
Escalating Asian hybrid riser with drone, authentic woodwind, percussion & sound design. Builds to epic impact

Organic Infusion
Growing percussion & flavours of Myanmar with pulses, rising erhu & synth elements

Filled with Courage
Slowly building percussion bed with flute, drone & synth rise

Driving pitched riser with Asian influence, aggressive impact & bamboo flute ending