Two musicians, two continents and one creative process

Composers Jeff Meegan and David Tobin have been creating great music together since 2010. It was a chance introduction through a mutual friend at Berklee College of Music that brought together Chicago-based Jeff and his new partner David, roughly 3,500 miles away in the UK.

Separated by an ocean, but united through technology and a shared passion for composition and creativity, the team have worked on a huge range of music for advertising, TV, film, and radio. With a growing reputation for quality, speed and real-world commercial awareness, they are in high demand with an ever-growing client list.

Both were succesful individually but together they have forged a reputation for quality and a painstaking approach to delivering on time and on budget that has seen them work throughout Europe and the States.

Their most recent projects have included numerous commissions for Audio Network, three award-winning BBC Radio drama series, numerous commercials and film work.


Jeff Meegan aka Scott Rockwell

Jeff is a Chicago-based composer and producer. His work has been featured in a wide variety of TV projects like “Glee” “Revenge”, “Numbers” and Steven Spielberg’s “Smash”, and movies like “Dear John”, “The Rebound” and “The Sessions”.

A drummer, percussionist, keyboard player and gifted vocalist, Jeff’s passion for creativity and his tremendous musicality have kept him in constant demand writing and producing music for almost two decades.

He's a regular face at many famous studios including Abbey Road and Air Studios London. He’s worked with the Royal Philharmonic, the Boston Pops and written for the Oprah Winfrey Show.


David Tobin aka Edward Josephs

David has had a long and varied career as a composer, arranger, orchestrator, and Musical Director. He has many years of composing, arranging and orchestration credits in film, TV, and theatre.

He’s a master at creating orchestral/crossover scores for advertising and commercials as well as film trailers. David has worked on stages all over the UK and through Europe as a M.D. and conductor, and has been a regular guest lecturer at the Birmingham Conservatoire on film scoring where he previously ran an annual film scoring summer school.

Jeff Meegan, composer, percussionist, keyboard player and vocalist.
Jeff Meegan, composer, percussionist, keyboard player and vocalist.
David Tobin composer, arranger, orchestrator, and Musical Director.
David Tobin composer, arranger, orchestrator, and Musical Director.
Jeff Meegan is from Chicago
Chicago for Jeff...
Yorkshire for David…
Yorkshire for David…