Around The World In 80 Plays

Given that we write music on different continents and share it numerous times per day via the wonder of the world wide web, I suppose that the ease in which the material is transported over the Atlantic should alert us to how straightforwardly end users the world over can immediately access our music.

Still, it always fascinates both of us to see the enormous variety of ways in which editors and supervisors use our music to promote products or within programs in countries the world over. Thanks to new technologies available to writers and publishers, we are able to listen to virtually every usage of our music just a few minutes behind real time - and it's become an enjoyable pastime to seek out videos of the usages to put in our "collection'.


Here's one example we found the other day.
It's a Spanish supermarket advert- but if you listen really carefully at the end you'll hear the dulcet tones of Mr Jeff Meegan witih the tag line "One True Love" - which is the title of the song we wrote for a recent Big Band album. This was recorded with the Rob Parton Big Band conducted by David, and written by the two of us in 2012.

More examples to be posted when we see them!

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