Cartoon Capers

Retro and vintage cartoon capers


Retro superhero theme with orchestra, grooving rhythm section, funky wah guitar & Theremin.    2:41

Ricky Dangerous

Tremolo strings & twangy guitar builds with silly percussion, tuba & orchestra into a retro & zany cartoon theme.     2:18

Sergeant Loon

Vintage cartoon caper with manic orchestra, frantic percussion & bombastic brass. A bonkers aural adventure.     2:03

Pee Wee Hero

Brass fanfare gives way to a comedic orchestral march with plonky percussion, tubax & militaristic snare.     2:29


Cartoon comedy chase with manic orchestra, comical percussion, Theremin & general craziness.     2:12

It’s A Fair Cop

Melodramatic steam train getaway with vintage-style orchestration, thrilling brass & strings & frantic percussion.     2:04

Whistling Heroes 

Happy-go-lucky military tune with jaunty whistling melody, orchestra, quirky percussion & marching snare drum.     2:04