The pure magic of Tchaikovsky!! A collection of full orchestral arrangements from Swan Lake and The Nutcracker are reborn with mystical elegance and dramatic passion across these tracks. Energetic and full of life with graceful lifts and grand waltz moments.

Elegant Waters

Passionate, dramatic and graceful orchestral arrangement of Moderato from Swan Lake.     2:45

Russian Dance

Energetic orchestral arrangement of the Trepak dance from The Nutcracker Suite.     1:56

Waltz of the Flowers

Elegant arrangement of Waltz of the Flowers Op.71 Scene 14 from The Nutcracker.     3:10

Toy March

Magical, childlike orchestral ‘March of the Toy Soldiers’ from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite.     2:59


Lilting, grand waltz orchestral arrangement from Swan Lake.    2:53

Grand Ballet Overture
Lively, full orchestral re-arrangement of the opening to the Nutcracker Suite.    2:33