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From the Vault – Expert Editors?

When sat in the studio editing Christmas music on a Sunday afternoon I confess I can get a little distracted. So I decided to dig into the Meegan & Tobin vault to see what i could find to give me a chuckle.

It didn’t take very long as I found an old video from quite a few years back of Jeff and I sitting in Jeff’s studio on a hot sunny day editing one of our big band tunes for an Audio Network Christmas music album. I seem to remember we’d recorded the wonderful Rob Parton Big Band at the now defunct Hinge Studios in Chicago and then travelled with Audio Network CEO and co-founder Andrew Sunnucks to Boston to record a large string ensemble and then onto the studio of our long time friend and sometimes colleague Crit Harmon to record vocals by the fantastic Donna Byrne on a couple of the tracks.

Just to digress for a second, the string session was particularly noteworthy for a slight interlude where we had to Skype our friend and colleague Tim Garland whilst he was on tour in Germany with Chick Corea, as i was conducting one of his charts and we needed to confirm some of the finer points. So we video Skyped with Tim in front of the entire ensemble, and he explained his thinking whilst in (what i seem to remember as) a full nightgown…. (I should point out it was night time in Germany!).

But anyway – back to the vocals.

We had a fabulous session with Donna and then Jeff and I travelled back to Chicago to work on editing the album in order to meet our Christmas deadline. This video from our personal archive was taken after a full day of messing about on one line of the track. Apologies for film quality but it wasn’t really ever intended to be shared.

However, some 6 or 7 years later whilst sat in my studio on a wet West Yorkshire day, I couldn’t resist.



To listen to the final version of Glimmer of Your Smile featuring Donna Byrne click here.

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  1. Bethany on 30th April 2019 at 7:05 pm

    Hahaha, this is hilarious! Hard work…now I know what actually happened when I listen to ‘Glimmer of Your Smile’ again!

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