Marches and Waltzes

A joyful Rondo from Mozart’s Horn Concerto dances with the spirited Viennese Waltz opening to Strauss’s Die Fledermaus and the celebratory Radetzky March. The Skaters’ Waltz is serene and elegant, whilst Suppé’s Light Cavalry is cantering and boisterous.


Musical Joke

Mozart. Bright & mildly comic 4th ‘Presto’ movement from Mozart’s ‘Musical Joke’ arranged for orchestra (1787)



Waldteufel. Serene & grandly elegant orchestral arrangement of Waldteufel’s famous Skaters’ Waltz (1882)


Light Cavalry 

Suppe. Cantering, spirited & boisterous orchestral romp. Arrangement of overture to Suppé’s operetta (1866)


Anitra’s Dance

Grieg. Cheerful, quirky waltz from Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite arranged for orchestra (1876)


Radetzky March

Johann Strauss Sr. Spirited, celebratory quick march by Johann Strauss Snr arranged for orchestra (1848)


Die Fledermaus Overture

Johann Strauss II.  Spirited Viennese Waltz opening to Johann Strauss Jnr’s opera Die Fledermaus (1874)


Allegro Vivace

Mozart.  Joyful Rondo (Allegro Vivace) from Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 4 (1786)




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