New Production Expert articles from David

Undaunted by the demands of his ‘day job’ as a composer with Jeff Meegan (more than 1,000 published tracks in the last ten years), David has now picked up his pen (or at least taken to his keyboard) as a writer. As they say, if you want a job done – give it to a busy man.

Today sees the publication of the first of a series of articles he has written as an expert contributor for Production Expert family of sites that includes Pro Tools Expert, Studio One Expert and Logic Pro Expert.

His first series offers advice to composers on the huge question of buying orchestral sample libraries and how to select the ones that suit you best.

Says David: “I have been a very keen reader of Pro Tools Expert’s detailed articles for some years now. So, when the opportunity came along to create some articles and contribute to the community, I was delighted.

“As one of team of Experts, I’ll be following in the tradition of creating content that’s presented in bite-size format and as longer, in-depth articles. When I was learning my trade, I particularly enjoyed the way that the articles were valuable to both beginner and veteran alike. I’ll also be looking to contribute to Logic Pro Expert as well, as my experience with Logic Pro goes back to version one on the Atari 540, when it was called Creator Notator.

“There is no one correct answer when it comes to looking at the creation of music. And I’m keen to stress that what I’m presenting is the way that I work, and the tools that I use. My experience has led me to work in a way that suits me and my creative process best.

“I’ll be explaining the pros and cons of my choices, as well as detailing the notable alternatives. Readers might not always agree with my choices or methods, but positive debate is always healthy.”

Today’s article will be the first in a series of ten, with more series planned going forward. Says David: “Music technology is a fast-moving subject and we’ll be looking at developments and revisiting previously published material in due course.”

You can read the first of his articles here.

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