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Working in isolation meets tight deadline

By Gil Linton | May 11, 2020

ITV’s recent evening drama series, Isolation Stories, broke new ground. It consisted of four short films all made and transmitted during the Coronavirus crisis, under the constraints of social distancing. Remarkably, no one from the crew had any contact with the cast. The series was a quartet of 15-minute dramas that complied with government instructions…

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New Production Expert articles from David

By Gil Linton | Apr 23, 2020

Undaunted by the demands of his ‘day job’ as a composer with Jeff Meegan (more than 1,000 published tracks in the last ten years), David has now picked up his pen (or at least taken to his keyboard) as a writer. As they say, if you want a job done – give it to a busy man.…

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Making lemonade with MirPro

By Gil Linton | Apr 22, 2020

Jeff and David have been working together now for almost ten years, but their latest recording embraced an approach and a technology that was unlike anything they had ever done before. Plans were well in hand for a vintage style recording project at Abbey Road Studios. Studio Two was booked, the parts printed and distributed,…

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A Royal Garden Party….

By David Tobin | Sep 26, 2019

I confess to being a big fan of Rugby. (I’m the English one..). So I also confess to watching a little of the 2019 rugby World Cup in the background whilst beavering away on tracks for our various current projects.

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Album Art Chamber

Classical Favourites available on all streaming platforms!

By David Tobin | Sep 24, 2019

Available from today, Jeff and David are delighted to announce that the first Classical Favourites album (from their series of the same name) is available on all major streaming platforms. It’s the first of numerous releases, as the whole set of albums is due to be available (with new albums being added on a weekly…

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Christmas in Good Company

By David Tobin | Nov 30, 2018

Christmas is fast approaching, and what better way to start celebrating than to see one of our tracks “What a Wonderful Time Of The Year” chosen by Spotify to be in their Christmas Jazz playlist alongside artists like Michael Bublé and John Legend. As of writing there are more than 275,000 followers of this playlist, so…

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