Dreamy piano and harp soundscapes



Tense, anxious harp, piano & electronica. Time is running out.     2:17

Dancing nymphs

Minimalist piano with harp & music box over a bed of dancing tap shoes.     2:02

Ever decreasing circles

Minimalist serenity with soothing harp, delicate piano & spacious airy pads.     1:54

Harp palpitations

Pensive harp arpeggios with mysterious sparse piano & sound design.     2:12

Icy Tundra

Gently uplifting piano & harp with ethereal pads. Nostalgic, innocent feel.    2:47

Inside the machine
Anxious harp motif over mysterious atmospheric textures & dark pulsing bass.    2:21

Sparse, reflective piano with dreamy harp arpeggios & reverse fx.    3:11


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