Our piece Quest for Justice

It was especially pleasing to see one of our tracks recently used in a behind the scenes documentary on the latest Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens”.

The documentary featured interviews with key members of the production team, along with some fabulous footage of one of the locations in the movie.

Luke Skywalker is living as hermit, at the top of what seems to be an infeasibly remote mountain in the middle of the sea. His hermit’s cell is approached by way of an ancient set of steps that leads from sea level to the summit.

What seemed to be a feat of computer-generated images was nothing less than a masterpiece of nature, and great piece of location scouting – the island of Skellig just off the coast of Kerry in South West Ireland.

The island is spectacular, rocky and barren and was home to an early Christian monastery.

Quest for Justice matches the majesty of the location. It is a stirring orchestral piece that was recorded in Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and a huge choir. This stirring piece of music builds from a melodic string opening to a rousing chorale finale.

To see StarWars Behind the Scenes, click here. To hear this track and variations on the theme go to the Audio Network website.

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